About Me

I'm a crazy madman enjoying all that's been thrown at me for the past 49 years. I can enjoy it because I squeeze it out of my horns on a regular basis. Enjoy the video below. It has me playing Swamp Punk with my buddies the Ten Foot PoleCats up at the Farm in Essex back in April 2011. I only had a few scotches in me, no actually a few more than I thought.
Here I am with the Knuckledusters on the USS Salem in 100º heat on July 23, 2011 under the influence of Pabst Blue Ribbon. Please wear sunglasses since I have no tan.
Here I am on a cold Friday night in January with Gracie and her High Falutin Band at the crowded and cramped Red Rock Bistro. Yes, that sweat is 86.8º