Straight Talk from Martysax (No Bullshit)

All the opinions and remarks on these pages are the sole inventions of Martysax. Martysax is not everyman, he is one man. Although the view expressed by Martysax might offend the rest of humanity on occasion, it is purely coincidental and never intentional. Martysax is a liberal-minded, talented, tolerant man educated in the finest institutions, mental and academic. Through several economic, social and vocational changes in his life, one aspect of Martysax’s life has remained constant, he is a Saxophonist.

Although Martysax openly enjoys, if not advocates drinking and playing, he has a keen understanding of alcoholism. Martysax is a Biologist by degree. He studied Biology and worked in research labs performing DNA research and Blood Physiology research as an undergraduate. Everybody is different. There are inferences drawn from our prejudices, but those are faceless statistics we try to impose falsely upon real people.

I drink. I drink heavily sometimes. Some can’t and shouldn’t. Over many years of playing at drinking establishments for various levels of our society I have established a system that works for me. Mine involves ingestion of meat protein and proper timing of drinks relative to length of time at the venue. Sure I’ll drink seven or eight straight scotches at a gig, but I’m there for over 6 hours and I weigh over 200 pounds. Do the math, and take into account that I’m performing under the lights for three plus hours and it works for me.

As I’ve stated on several pages in different ways, don’t try to copy me. I’m relatively nuts. You wouldn’t necessarily try to do what Bird or Trane allegedly did either, would you?

Be an adult. Drink and Party responsibly. It’s more than your party at stake when you take it too far. Stay alive and practice for the next gig while your sober so you can play it when you’re a little fershnushke.