Over the years I have noticed how the Scotched-up Saxophonist has a role in society. We provide the means to an end on many occasions. Ask any woman who has danced in front of me and you'll know what I mean. As a Biologist, in an earlier life, I studied this and performed ground-breaking research in "Tonal Saxual Relationships." Many conclusions were made and still stand up to today's scrutiny.

Services can be performed at most venues where Martysax or other similarly qualified sax players appear live on stage.  Fees are nominal dependent upon the available scotch selection. Advance notice is suggested, but not required. Please place all requests in our "contact us" form. You will get confirmation.

Instruction is available to well-equipped musicians. Play at your own risk. Martysax assumes no responsibilty for loss of life or injury or loss of property occuring while trying to play like Martysax. Scotch is serious, it is not to be taken lightly. Martysax takes it heavily.