Three Kings makes a formidable Full House!

Tenor Madness!!!

Martysax plays a bunch of different horns and mouthpieces. Just like fine wine and beer, there's a correct choice for every situation.


For the majority of Martysax gigs, the full-blown R&B/Rock & Roll set-up is the '62 King Super 20 Tenor. I play a few different mouthpieces these days. For over 20 years I played a Dukoff 8 or 9 with Vandoren V16 #3. When my trusty Duke died one day I started trying other brands and designs. These days I play through a Phil Barone 110 CNC piece with a bullet chamber and Vando Red 2 1/2 or 3. I still have fun with my rejuvinated-by-Mojo Duk 8 and a couple of Berg 130s. With enough scotch, anything is possible.


My Jazz set-up is a '64 Selmer Mark VI delaquered matched with my Florida Link 8*. This thing speaks in tongues, man. Just like my Super 20, Emilio Lyons set this horn up so nice, it's just too nice. I can make this sound really pretty and full, but I don't have as many occasions to play it. I tried to play it on long R&B gigs and it hurts the thumb too much.


My Classical set-up is...(ha, got ya!)